The end of the road…


I came across a quote a while back that seems very apt right now:

“Let yourself move to the next chapter in life when the time comes.

Don’t remain stuck on the same page…”

This will be my last post on Life’s Lust Haves guys,

After much consideration (believe me…I have had sleepless nights), I have decided to finish up writing this little blog of mine,

I have made some of my most inspiring and close friends ever and I have enjoyed every opportunity that came my way through this blog. I am genuinely teary-eyed writing this and saying goodbye so hopefully you guys will keep in touch. As a serial dreamer, I do hope to start something new and exciting in the future too so who knows…

Of course, you will still find me obsessing about things over on Instagram (just with a slight name change) so I really hope to see you there,

Thank you so much for being here with me over the last three years and for sharing some of my greatest dreams with me – it has been the best adventure ever and I hope you enjoyed being a part of it,




Photos: Magda Lukas

Black, White, Grey, Repeat


What is it with January and online shopping?

Is it that I am too lazy to actually go to the shops or is it that it’s such a breath of fresh air to see the new Spring/Summer stock?

As I sit here drinking tea and eating biscuits (I still haven’t managed that detox) I have about 5 computer tabs open with things I would love to own.

Dress | Shoes


You can shop more bits here:


It’s actually crazy but I am almost finished up with college… two more weeks… and then I go on work placement but wow, it has gone by so quickly. A part of me will actually be SO sad to finish up as a student but a bigger part of me is excited to get far far away from assignments at weekends and to get back to working…and earning money to do some more travelling… and shopping.

Have a good week guys,



A Touch of Glam for January


Christmas? It’s weird isn’t it? You run around like a headless chicken for two months trying to sort yourself for one day to happen. And then suddenly it’s New Year’s Day. WTF, where did it go?

So have you all been really good girls and boys this week trying to keep all your new year’s resolutions? Personally, I didn’t make any this year as I am always crap at sticking with them but as always I plan on living a healthier lifestyle and to be a lot more organised…as I sit here surrounded by desk chaos and some not so healthy treats.

Some bits that might help you to love January… and possibly hate that you overspent on Christmas presents:

Skirt | Sunglasses

Dress | Earrings

Diary | Trainers

Coral | Table

Culottes | Bag

You might have seen my announcement a while back about being a guest speaker at the Oh Me Oh My DIY wedding workshop (in Cork) which is faaaaast approaching… and there are still a few tickets left which you can get here!

This year I am starting to work with some brides helping them with some wedding and bridal styling which is really exciting. I also plan on working with some amazing wedding industry experts on some exciting projects and gain a lot more experience in the art of wedding styling. You probably noticed in 2014 that I brought a lot of wedding talk to Life’s Lust Haves with my Nessa Loves Weddings posts (like this and this) and lots more to Instagram so hopefully this year I will have a new place to talk all things weddings! Yay for those of you that are not interested in weddings, right?

Have a good week guys,



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