Cocktail Hour xoxo


So, this is my second wedding DIY project that I wanted to share with you – cocktail stirrers! You can see the first post here,

I guess these posts are to show you that with a little imagination it’s possible to add a lot of personality to your event without going to too much trouble or spending huge amounts of money on the little details,

As you might have gathered by now, I am a huge fan of sequins and although I decided to keep them out of my wedding decor, I couldn’t resist the tiniest little splash of them so I made little cocktail drink stirrers using little sequined balls I got here. I simply stuck some pointed wooden skewers that I picked up in a local kitchen shop into the sequined ball and there you go… super girly and fun cocktail stirrers! Perfect for any occasion involving cocktails or champagne!

I also had my first guest blog post on today so if you are getting married abroad, it might be worth checking out my survival tips!




Naked xoxo


Summer Time means exposed, naked skin. The thought of being bare-faced and makeup free sends most of us into a serious panic, particularly for those of us (ahem, me!) that barely go to the gym without a face of makeup. I have had some readers mail me recently asking me if I did anything drastic to my skincare routine in the run up to my wedding. For the few months beforehandI was thinking about how I would achieve that lovely bridal “glow” (does it exist!?) but I was more worried about avoiding spot breakouts on the holiday in the sunshine. The most important thing is NOT to do anything drastic as that could actually cause more harm than good. 

I have super sensitive skin – I have tried almost every single skincare brand out there and the only ones that I can use without breaking out in spots or dry skin is Simple or Image Skincare. I have been using Simple products since I was about 13 years old and I know now at (almost) 30 that it is probably not the best brand for me to be using but it just works for me.

I started using Image Skincare products in January (in a mad bridal panic to get that glowing skin) and they are also really good for sensitive skin but every now and then I would get a tiny breakout of dry patches on my cheeks. Once I went back to Simple again, the dry patches would clear up after a few days.

I also always break out on holidays when using different sun creams and I was so worried about that happening this Summer in Portugal. Instead of just using a normal supermarket-bought suncream for my face, I invested in the Image Skincare (Factor 45) Ultra Sheer Sun Spray from Rejuvenate Clinic (see other suppliers in Ireland here) which was just so perfect for my sensitive skin. It is so light and isn’t greasy either so you aren’t ridiculously shiny after putting it on. I also used La Roche Posay Anti Shine Matte Fluid in Factor 30 for the rest of my body.

My skin isn’t perfectly clear or blemish free so I wanted to try and revive my skin. Since January, I had three treatments of microdermabrasion done at Rejuvenate Clinic in Glanmire in Cork which was fantastic for my skin. It basically takes away the dead cells on the surface layer of your skin and makes it all dewy and bright. I was pretty scared (zero pain tolerance) on my first treatment but there is absolutely no pain involved at all. I gave myself plenty of time so that if I had any sort of reaction, it would be cleared up on time.

I drank lots of fresh fruit and vegetable juices and home made smoothies in the months before I headed away to Portugal. I wanted to feel good from the inside out because even a magician makeup artist like mine (Louise McCall) can’t do what caring for yourself from the inside can do! I will be honest though…you need to keep it up because three weeks of drinking champagne and cocktails and eating daily desserts will bring you right back around to having bad skin. I am living proof… but it was all worth it in the end!

If I could just eat cake everyday…






The Reformation xoxo


There is one question on my mind today:

Where have The Reformation been all my Life?

I came across The Reformation today on one of my favourite wedding blogs, One Fab Day (See here) and I am just after falling so in love with the simple, effortless, coolness of this brand.

My style has changed a bit over the last few months and I am now drawn to sleek and simple pieces a lot more than statement pieces. However, I do love a lot of drama when it comes to dresses and I just adore so many of the pieces on this website.

The brand is based in the US of A but they deliver for FREE to Ireland and another 169 countries. Yay to Free Shipping but Boo to Taxes & Customs!

Here’s a tiny taste….. Mmmmmmmm!

Check out The Reformation’s Facebook here & One Fab Day here

Thank you to One Fab Day for bringing this beautiful brand into my life… sorry Mr. Credit Card, you are about to feel used!