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“Don’t be like the rest of them darling…”

I haven’t done a Nessa Loves Weddings post for ages and I really wanted to share these beautiful dresses with you for a stylish bride. I came across the designer Johanna Johnson online when I was looking for my own wedding dress and accessories but they weren’t that accessible at the time here in Ireland. However, of course you can now get your hands on this utterly delicious brand at Knightsbridge in Dublin and Browns Bride in London. (You can see all the stockists here.)

I am head one heels in love with the latest collection Starlet. It is just so luxurious, glamourous and beautifully stylish. I wish I could dress all of my brides in Johanna Johnson.

I cannot cope with this caped dress…. it’s just perfect for a stylish bride! What do you think?

Johanna Johnson Bridal

Johanna Johnson Bridal

Johanna Johnson Bridal

Johanna Johnson Bridal

Johanna Johnson Bridal

Johanna Johnson Bridal

Johanna Johnson Bridal

Images: Knightsbridge

These dresses are for the ladies that dare to look different and love a little bit of drama…. (Me, Me, Meeee!)

Who’s your favourite bridal designer?

Have a wonderful Saturday… go somewhere fabulous,




Sweat, Sacrifice & Success xoxo


Diana Kelleher Healthy Lifestyle

“Nothing worth having comes easy…”

We all need a little help leading a healthy lifestyle every now and again,

For some of us, we need a lot of help avoiding all sorts of daily sugary sweet treats…Yup hands up, I am guilty!

I try to eat a balanced diet and to exercise regularly but I most certainly go through stages when I just cannot find the motivation to eat well or find the time to get my ass to the gym, pilates, weights training or even just to go for a walk. If full-time working Mums with 4 kids can do it, then so can I. There are NO excuses. Sometimes, all I need to do is look at my latest Boss Lady’s Facebook page, Diana Kelleher, and I find the energy from deep within.

Diana, who is from Cork started training less than two years ago and I have followed her journey online for over a year now and I am just in awe of her determination and progression.

Don’t get me wrong guys, of course being lean and muscular isn’t everyone’s cup of tea or end goal and I completely respect and appreciate that.

I know personally from training at Educogym in Cork just how hard you have to work to get a toned, lean body by eating right and lifting weights regularly… I was the one completely skipping reps behind the trainer’s backs!

I simply admire people like Diana that are just so dedicated to getting the results that they dream of in life, whether it’s fitness, your career, relationships or just personal goals.

So Diana, tell us a bit about the girl behind Diana’s Fit Diary - Sweat, Sacrifice & Success?

I’m 23 and I am from Cork. Believe or not I only joined a gym over two years ago when I was living in Australia. I had zero interest in exercise, but one day I got so fed up of what was staring back at me in the mirror. I was just so unhappy & so uncomfortable in my own skin. I decided that was it and I plucked up the courage, joined a gym and signed up for personal training… the rest is history. I instantly fell in love with weights, as corny as it sounds. Here I am now 2 years on qualified as a personal trainer, certified nutrition adviser & Irish runner up for RIBBF bikini class over 168cm 2014. 

What is your favourite thing in the world?

My PJs – I love being comfy & warm and I couldn’t live without my fluffy socks (A girl after my own heart!)

You start your day with/by.…

The gym! (Stupid Question, sorry Diana!)

Yes as I said I’m a gym bunny so mornings & evenings that’s where you’ll find me. I like to start my day with cardio, I get up & head to the gym and do at least 30mins cardio in the morning. It sets me up for the day.

Before you go to bed, you….

Eat a BIG BIG BIG bowl of oats. (No biscuits then….damn, that’s where I go wrong) I also like to unwind and chill out after a long day with a cup of peppermint tea and surround myself with my favourite candles. Favourite thing to do on your day off? Rest & eat! Haha! Once a week now that my competitions are over I like to enjoy a nice meal out with my boyfriend.

Your favourite store/brand?

My favourite store has to be Penneys… who doesn’t love *Penneys!? (*Primark for some of you..)

Favourite brand would most definitely have to be Nike.

Your biggest personal/business achievement to date?

Placing 2nd this year in the RIBBF National Bodybuilding Championships. I placed 2nd in the Bikini Class over 168cm and this was my very first show. So happy & proud! (Well Done Diana!!!)

Your favourite healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner?

One of my favourite meals and I know a lot of people are going to think this is strange but hey don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

I love cottage cheese, mixed with chocolate protein & some almond butter…..

Brekkie is also one of my favourite meals it would have to be – Oats, chocolate protein, spoon of Greek yogurt & blueberries on top! (YUM!!) We all want to know… what motivates you to succeed? Seeing my body’s amazing what you can achieve by eating clean & exercising regularly. Another thing that really helps is when I set goals and I set LOTS of them. I also have liked about a million fitness pages on facebook and instagram so seeing them on my news feed everyday keeps me on track. I love how fit & healthy feels – it’s my life now and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What’s your top tip for us lazy folk?

The hardest part is actually starting – once you start you won’t be able to stop. Just do it!

Go to your local gym and sign up because to me that is the hardest part. Once you have your first session done it gets easier and easier. Start with little steps and little changes and before you know it you’ll be half way there. You also need to be consistent with training & eating. Even if you don’t want to go…SHOW UP! Results don’t happen over night but with hard work, discipline & dedication you will be rewarded. Don’t give up after the first hurdle and remember nothing worth having comes easy.

You can shop her similar style here:


Right, I am pumped and off to the gym…

Ok I lie, I am actually planning a movie and takeaway night after a crazy week,

Have a great weekend guys,




Photos: Diana Kelleher

Central Park xoxo


Since I have come home from New York, so many people have asked me what was my favourite part of the trip. Besides the fact that I got to meet some of the most inspiring people including some of my favourite bloggers, I have to say that Central Park was the best place to hang out.

It’s so magical to have such a beautiful big park in the middle of a super crazy city.

I am definitely a country girl at heart so I just loved escaping the city streets and wandering through the park, both by foot and by bike.

I was so delighted to get to shoot an outfit post there with photographer Emily Malan.

Erika and I literally laughed the whole way through this shoot which made having my photo taken so much easier! Yay! I lived in flat shoes in New York. I wear heels so often at home but you just cannot wear heels around this city so these Forever 21 shoes (similar here and here) were just so handy.

My top is Topshop who by the way have the coolest sequins right now and my jeans are Zara (similar here and here). I borrowed Erika’s leather jacket (similar here) as I couldn’t pack my own, bag is Bershka and my hat is Penneys/Primark (similar here and here)

I also adored Williamsburg which is pretty easy to get to on the subway from Manhattan and is such a cool part of Brooklyn. It’s really quiet out there too but there is such a great atmosphere and the people there are so stylish. I visited the rooftop at The Wythe Hotel for drinks at sunset, I ate delicious goodies at Bakeri and I shopped at Space 98, Artists & Fleas and Beacon’s Closet. I could have hung out in Williamsburg for the whole two weeks.

We ate our way through the two weeks. Eating is probably my favourite thing to do to be honest..oink!

I LOVE finding new places to eat all the time…

My guide to eating in New York:

  • Brunch: Norma’s NYC at Le Parker Meridien – you need to see their menu!
  • French Fries & Prosecco: The Standard Plaza, Meat Packing District - there are no words for their french fries!
  • Comfort Food & Cocktails: Delicatessen in Soho – Cheeseburger Spring Rolls. I died.
  • Coffee and Sweet Treats: Maison Kayser at different locations (Get the almond and chocolate croissant) & Bakeri in Williamsburg
  • Deli Style Sandwiches: The Grey Dog Soho
  • Ice-cream: Pop Bar in the West Village - create your own gelato on a stick!
  • Burgers: Five Leaves in Williamsburg
  • Mexican (My Fave): Dos Caminos in Meat Packing District 

I have a busy week ahead of me of college work to catch up on…oh reality!

Have a great week guys,




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