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I have heard people say time and time again that they want to do their own thing for their wedding but then they feel pressure from friends and family to “do the right thing!”

What’s right or wrong these days?

It’s your wedding day. The most expensive party you will probably ever throw.

Do it how you two want to do it… 

Some Wedding Rules that were made to be broken: 

1. You must have an even-numbered all female/all male side for the bride and groom’s Wedding Party 

What’s wrong with having a Man of Honour or a Groomswoman? NOTHING! I had a Man of Honour myself and I had four on my side and Denis had three on his. More and more couples are choosing to break the mould with their wedding parties and I say Go For It! Why exclude one of your good friends for tradition?

2. Your wedding party should all wear matching outfits

Mis-matched bridesmaids and groomsmen allows you to be way more adventurous with the wedding style. However, I am going to just admit that whilst sourcing my own wedding party outfits, I realised why it’s sometimes easier to have everyone dressed the same. Your wedding party will most likely expect you to want them all in the same outfit and more often than not will be very slow to push their opinion on what they want to wear so sometimes it’s easier to find similar dress/suits for them. However, its totally okay to have them all dressed differently and if you do, it will add so much personality to your wedding photos. In the last few months before my own wedding, I changed from three different bridesmaid’s outfit choices and two different male of honor and groomsmen’s looks – they all ended up dressed the same. Things don’t always work out for you but don’t let it stress you out!

3. The Couple Should Not See Each Other Before the Ceremony

This is one of those decisions that really sways people. I really considered asking my photographer to take the ‘first look’ photographs before the ceremony. I just really wanted to get our portrait shots out of the way so that we could enjoy the party (and the mojitos!) after the ceremony but the idea of seeing Denis turn around at the top of the altar just turned me to mush so I skipped the first look. However, there are serious benefits to getting your photos in before the ceremony - you will definitely feel more relaxed walking up the aisle (I was a bundle of nerves!) and during the ceremony. Your hair and makeup will be at it’s loveliest and freshest and best of all, you will be really able to enjoy your drinks reception with your guests instead of spending it taking photos. You could also do what we did and distract the guests with an ice-cream cart and run off straight after the ceremony for about 10 minutes and take our photos before anyone even noticed we were missing! We were back in no time and still got some great shots.

4. You must Cut The Cake

I am always up for cake. In fact, one might say that I am a Cake Monster. However, I don’t think anyone needs to do anything that they don’t want to do on their wedding day and so we didn’t “cut a cake.” Actually, we didn’t have a cake but we did have a gigantic heap of our favourite thing in the world – custard doughnuts (or what’s known in Portugal as Bola de Berlim) I have no problem with anybody cutting a beautiful cake in front of their guests – it’s really sweet. We just skipped it and nobody even noticed. Promise.

We all have our own opinion on right or wrong so this is just my own personal thoughts,

I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on wedding traditions,

I spent the night looking through my wedding photos taken by my friend Magda Lukas (some of which are featured in this post…)

Oh and I shared one of my wedding shoes on Instagram too,




Nessa Loves Weddings: Stone Cold Fox xoxo


Sexy. Beautiful. Stone Cold Fox.

How beautifully perfect is this SCF Collection? Black, Navy or Cream Bridesmaids? Perfection.

I am just so in love with this beautiful new collection from Stone Cold Fox and I think it’s just perfect for the stylish, unique bride-to-be.

Check out the beautiful pieces right here and prepare to fall in lust…

Goodnight lovelies,



Images: cc Stone Cold Fox

Parfois Lust xoxo


You might have seen on my Instagram and Facebook that I was at the launch of the Parfois Autumn/Winter 2014 collection last week which was a really fun night held at The Clarence Hotel in Dublin. I am a huge fan of Parfois so I was so delighted to be asked to attend the dinner with some other Irish bloggers such as Nuala & Erika (pictured above). We also got to meet some of the global Parfois team and it was really exciting to hear their plans for this super brand. Parfois is not only a gorgeous brand but it is really reasonably priced. Always a plus! Erika & I stayed at Kellys Hotel which is a quirky little place right in the middle of the city…such a perfect location for a night out or shopping trip!


I wore a dress that I picked up in the Brown Thomas sale in Sandro recently which you can find here. I felt like I was getting a bit of a bargain as it’s almost two dresses in one with two separate layers – a printed slip dress and the black sheath. I kept things simple with some plain white sandals and a bright clutch from Zara (similar here & here).

I cannot believe it’s Friday tomorrow! This week has flown by! I am totally hyper today as I booked flights to New York for the start of November and….it’s going to be my first time there! I am already too excited! Of course, I am just dying to hear all your suggestions for places to eat, shop and visit! I am also hoping to do some workshops while I am there so if you know of any happening in the first two weeks of November, let me know! Yay!

I love this quote I came across today -

” Being in New York is like falling in love over and over again every minute”

I am ready to fall in love with New York!