Catch a Falling Star….


ChicWish Carousel Necklace

I spent this morning in meetings with some very interesting people, one of which was the very lovely Pearl from Pearl and Godiva, a bespoke and completely amazing event styling company. I just love what they do so much and I am SO excited to be working with them in the future…Yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh Happy Day for me! One of my best friends also came home today for a short visit from the States and it’s almost the weekend so I am on cloud 9….The fact that I cannot buy all of the following Lust Haves won’t even dampen my mood!

Life really is what you make it and I sure know it’s not always easy but when you want something bad enough and when you just put your mind to it and have enough passion for something, things really start to work out and dreams do come true…. I never would have thought this time last year that my life would be going in the direction it is going in now but Passion, Determination & Lust can bring the very best out in you… We all have a Star in us! xoxo

Necklace from NastyGal...Love chunky jewellery xoxo


Mmmmmajor Summer Dress Lust from Asos

Zara Shirt and Skirt Combo Lust

Cutest Romwe Collar xoxo

Vintage NastyGal.... such a gorge print!

Minnie Lust from NastyGal

Polka dot Jacket from NastyGal....Lust :)

I lust for this Playsuit from NastyGal

Love the colour pop from NastyGal

Cute Polka Dot Shorts from Romwe

Zara Sandal Lust

Zara Clutch


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