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London, Watch Out!


I am off to London this weekend for a shopping/boyfriend bonding/spending time with friends/sampling the foodie&drinkie delights of London Town trip! (Like how I put shopping first!!!?) I CANNOT wait! I have been researching Vintage Fairs, Markets and Stores for my trip and I am praying I will win the Lotto before Thursday so that I can buy all the treasures I just know I am going to find!

London is a really cool and glamorous city where I always feel like I can REALLY dress up in my finest attire and people watching there is such a treat!!! It’s like one giant catwalk! I have some really close friends living there so I am so excited to get there and see them and get immersed in their lifestyles and discover new places. I have an itinerary written up (almost typed!!) for the trip, much to the delight (Or Not!) of my boyfriend which involves lots of vintage shopping, cupcakes, tea, sushi, more cupcakes, dancing, cocktails and nattering with friends before hitting some fancy-pants bars and clubs. One of my favourite restaurants in London, Asia de Cuba in St. Martins Lane Hotel is high on the priority list and I have us booked in for Friday night Delights! I met Ed Westwick AKA the LOVE of my Life/Chuck Bass from my favourite guilty pleasure, Gossip Girl in Bungalow 8 at St. Martins Lane Hotel last year! That heart-stopping meeting could have something to do with the Hotel being one of my favourite places in London! I will be spending most of my time around Marylebone at Alfies Antiques Market http://www.alfiesantiques.com & Portobello and Camden Markets.

I cannot wait to report back to you with everything I see and discover!

I may be on the missing list for a few days come Thursday…..


The Hummingbird Cafe makes the most amazing Red Velvet Cake... Mmmmm!

I love Portobello!

Ed Westwick/Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl, Swooooooooooon!!!

Asia de Cuba Restaurant at St. Martin's Lane Hotel