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Cross my Heart xoxo


I was asked to speak to some aspiring models at the Lockdown Model Camp in Cork this evening….It was really nice to discuss my love for Blogging & Styling with the ladies and although I wouldn’t be the most confident public speaker I think I pulled it off as I was talking about something I am completely in love with.

I have always had a huge interest in the model industry. My friends laugh at me as I am always randomly going up to beautiful girls telling them that they should be models. I spotted some top models amongst the girls tonight.

Before I went to the model camp, I took a little trip into H&M and found some serious Lust-Haves. I have a crazy amount of costume jewellery and I had just promised myself today after a jewellery clean-up that I wouldn’t buy any more jewellery for a while…. but a girl just cannot resist some sparkle in her life….


DIY Necklace….


I was stuck for a chunky gold necklace on Sunday night to go with a plain black dress. As I was rummaging through my jewellery I saw a handle on one of my handbags that was the exact type of necklace I was looking for! It is a big thick gold strap that can be taken off the bag so I simply took it off and wore it as a necklace with the two links tied at the back of my neck, just like a necklace…I wore it with my pink and gold chain from Bershka…Perfect! There are so many things you can do with random bits and pieces you have at home…. I often put candles into random cups and mugs I have which can be such a pretty centre piece for a table or look really homely and cosy infront of a fireplace.

I have featured three absolutely stunning pictures which I took from the most exquisite site I have come across belonged to Pearl & Godiva, an Irish based Styling and out-of -the -ordinary and utterly dreamy events company that you just have to take a peek at! If you are anything like me, you will stay on this website for ages…. Simply stunning! Vintage teacups make me melt….

Enjoy your evening,

Nessa xoxo

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